Allegra Dami Just for Kids factoryis a factory of characters and edutainment: a real “assembly line” of ideas, brands and characters that aims to embrace a kid’s world through the development of special contents. Born in Milan as a start up, it is developing internationally around the world.  Our mission is a lot of fun for children, always with a smattering of learning. We believe that special characters can be fun for children, a good help for the families and an extraordinary business too! 


Say NO to violence
Bully free zone
100% natural


We create characters, we turn them into brands and through marketing strategies we make them successful.


Creation and Testing

We mix creativity, best technology, traditional editorial contents, special artworks from famous illustrators, Italian design and international appeal in order to develop special characters. We then test them to be sure that they are “Kids and Parents Approved".


Social Media

Throughout conventional and unconventional commu- nication and marketing strategies, social medias and promotional activities, we give our characters worldwide visibility, until they are ready to become successful brands.


Animations and TV

The best way to boost a celebrity is TV! We search for companies to become operative partners: our characters will become alive and will reach kids all over the world.



Behind a wellknown character there is always a whole world of opportunities: food and non food merchandising, Tv and books rights, themed parks, temporary shops and much more!


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Naturally Genius!

LEO and The Greenvilles!

Name: LEO and The Greenvilles!
Age: 2021 +

Check them on: https://vimeo.com/154828561


Your child's best friend!


Name: Momon
Age: 7 +
Mood: The sweetest way to face little kids’ daily routines
Animation: Full CGI 3 minutes complete episode Watch the trailer and the logo animation on www.momonbestfriend.com

Check them on: http://www.momonbestfriend.com

Momon is the cute main character of short stories intended to help today's parents to entertain children in a smart and stimulating way, event the most critic moments, such as bedtime and mealtime.
 Momon stories bring children to identify themselves with a new friend to play with and to share positive feelings together.


You ask why? I know the answers!

Mister Nerdy

Name: Mister Nerdy
Age: 10 +
Mood: A nerdy and hi-tech frog that will show you how things are made

"But.. why?" "But...how It's made?" "But... how does it work?"
"But... it it breaks?" "But... where does it come from?" "But... what does it do?"
"I know it!"
Of course he does.. Mister Nerdy knows always EVERYTHING!
With his tablet he brings you into a world where everything is animated and he will give you all the answers you're looking for.


News on the fly!

Perry Porter

Name: Perry Porter
Age: 9 +
Mood: A goofy but highly professional Animal TV Show

Are we in a farm? In the savannah? At the North Pole? In the middle of the ocean?
Nothing seems to scare him: for the brave Perry Porter any interview is possible!
But... for some odd reason why everytime something goes wrong? From the mildest cow to the wildest shark every interview ends up in a mess!


Funky, Dummy, Dinosaurs!


Name: Dummysaurs
Age: 2017 +
Mood: A community populated by funky, DUMMY, dinosaurs! Most of them are vegetarians and have just one goal in their life: having fun!
Animation: Short series in production. Check the new trailer on the dedicated website!

Check them on: http://www.dummysaurs.com

A gathering of mostly vegetarian dinosaurs who have just one goal: live to have lots of fun, possibly with a groovy soundrack!

Their aspect defines their role inside the community. These funny Dummysaurs are the real stars of a TV Comedy, with crisp dialogues, funny gags and at the same time sharp and bright, even cultured. 

They somehow depict real life society and give hints to survive to daily routine, relationships and problems in a funny and entertaining way!


Bongos Brothers

Name: Bongos Brothers
Age: 10 +
Mood: Two funky brothers that will bring you rhythms from all around the world

Rythm, music, we are your friends
Sing and dance with us... it never ends!
We are funny and we love to travel
around the world, all the rythoms we discover.
Follow us and we'll teach you the beat,
we bongo on our head and dance with our feet!

papero Allegra


Your kids can learn with our characters! Our aim is to let kids have fun while giving you tools to make them learn as well as helping you throughout the “critical” phases, every day. We trust our characters to become your kids’ best friends!


Allegra Dami Just for Kids factoryshares the needs and values of parents everywhere: quality, safety, learning, entertainment, functionality and… simply something special!



The DUMMYSAURS and MOMON are ONLINE NOW! Great and edutaining content to watch and play with, download all the fun activities on: www.dummysaurs.com www.momonbestfriend.com Facebook: Allegra Dami Just for Kids #TheDUMMYSAURS #MOMONBESTFRIEND



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We love to hear stories form all over the world, but like fairies they fly if you don't write down the words! We want to know your magic story, give it a chance, a moment of glory! Please write us and feel free, to make us dream with your fantasy!


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