Allegra Dami Just for Kids factoryDami Just for Kids is an IP and Children books factory and production company, awarded as Best Italian Startup. The Dami family has been in the publishing business for Children books for more than one generation and all around the world. Along with others renown IP’s such as "Tip the Mouse" created by Andrea Dami and "Geronimo Stilton" created by Elisabetta Dami, today Allegra Dami is the new generation of IPs creator. Allegra’s books have been published by DeAgostini and Giunti and broadcasted by DeaJunior and very soon by other national and international broadcasters. Together with her partner from Canada Daniel Vermette, ex -Vice President at Technicolor and founder of Connexion Tv and Film. Daniel’s experience includes business management, production, coproduction and an important knowledge of the animation and post production market worldwide. His experience as 1st Vice -Pre- sident of Business and Industry relation and member of the Board of Directors of the Canada-China Film Festival (2017-2018 -2019) was very beneficial, together with his collaboration to several famous productions such as "Mighty Mike", "Sadie Sparks" and "Helen’s Little School".Now Dami Just For Kids is launching each and every year new original IP’s in the market for TV and book series. 


Say NO to violence
Bully free zone
100% natural


We create characters, we turn them into brands and through marketing strategies we make them successful.


Creation and Testing

We mix creativity, best technology, traditional editorial contents, special artworks from famous illustrators, Italian design and international appeal in order to develop special characters. We then test them to be sure that they are “Kids and Parents Approved".


Social Media

Throughout conventional and unconventional commu- nication and marketing strategies, social medias and promotional activities, we give our characters worldwide visibility, until they are ready to become successful brands.


Animations and TV

The best way to boost a celebrity is TV! We search for companies to become operative partners: our characters will become alive and will reach kids all over the world.



Behind a wellknown character there is always a whole world of opportunities: food and non food merchandising, Tv and books rights, themed parks, temporary shops and much more!


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Naturally Cool!

LEO and The Greenvilles!

Name: LEO and The Greenvilles!
Age: 2023
Mood: Welcome to Greenville, where Nature and Technology live happily together! Follow Leo and Uma’s adventures to defend their perfect planet from Mr. Oil’s evil plans and its stinky planet Smogviille.
Animation: In development Check out the first animation trailer on Vimeo!

It's another beautiful day on Greenville, the best little planet in the Multiverse: the mighty TrueTree feeds and nourishes all living things, the ecosystem is eco-perfect as usual. But alas! As all dreams often do, this one, too reveals a dark and dreary side. Its name is Smogville, its color is black, its air is unendurable and its fearsome leader even less so: meet Mr. Oil Slick,  the nastiest, foulest walrus that ever set fin on any planet. Oil Slick's dark obsession is to sink his dirty fangs into Greenville, conquer it and use it for his ink-black schemes – one of which is to destroy Leo, his arch-enemy and roaring nemesis. But this is all in a day's work for Leo, Uma and their friends: follow them in their adventures against darkness, evil and pollution while enjoying the myriad surprises that Greenville and its inhabitants – animal, vegetal and eco-technological alike – have in store for you.


My Blue Best Friend!


Name: Momon
Age: 2023
Mood: Many colorful books to grow up together, facing everyday’s adventures!
Animation: NEW! Thanks to the successful book series, a TV series will soon be available with brand new stories, new friends and a special musical talent.

Momon is the cute main character of short story books intended to help today's parents to entertain children in a smart and stimulating way, event the most critical moments, such as bedtime and mealtime can become a great fun.
Momon stories bring children to identify themselves with a new friend to play with and to share positive feelings together.


You ask why? I know the answers!

Mister Nerdy

Name: Mister Nerdy
Age: 2023
Mood: A nerdy and hi-tech frog that will show you how things are made

"Why?" "How It's made?" "How does it work?"
"What is its origin? "Where does it come from?" "What is its function?"
"I know it!"
Of course he does.. Mister Nerdy always knows EVERYTHING!
With his tablet he will help you discover the world around you and he will give you all the answers you're looking for.


News on the fly!

Perry Porter

Name: Perry Porter
Age: 2023
Mood: A goofy but highly professional Animal TV Show

Are we in a farm? In the savannah? At the North Pole? In the middle of the ocean?
Nothing seems to scare him: for the brave Perry Porter any interview is possible!
But... for some odd reason why everytime something goes wrong? From the mildest cow to the wildest shark every interview ends up in a mess!


Funky, Dummy, Dinosaurs!


Name: Dummysaurs
Age: 2023
Mood: A community populated by Funky, DUMMY, dinosaurs! Most of them are vegetarians and have just one goal in their life: having fun!
Animation: First season available of 13 episodes x 2minutes! Check out the full book series available on Amazon.

What do you get when you meet one blue dinosaur , one pink dinosaur , one green dinosaur and a moskito and put them in pre-hysterical age? You get the Dummysaurs! Each two minute episode of the Dummysaurs will show how our friends dinosaurs have different approaches to life, and how they work their way out of hilarious predicaments in a unique world. You see, they don’t live in your typical prehistoric age with just plants, rocks and dinosaurs. It’s much more psychedelic! The geysers shoot out fizzy rainbow-coloured liquid...the plants dispense sunscreen when you really need it... the towering daisies sing and vote!! The key to this series is comedy. Theses dinos’ different approach to life and offbeat relationship always turns a mundane situation into something outlandishly funny.


Bongos Brothers

Name: Bongos Brothers
Age: 2023
Mood: Two funky brothers that will bring you rhythms from all around the world

Rythm, music, we are your friends
Sing and dance with us... it never ends!
We are funny and we love to travel
around the world, all the rythoms we discover.
Follow us and we'll teach you the beat,
we bongo on our head and dance with our feet!

papero Allegra



MOMON’s Books are available on Amazon! Search for “MOMON” and select which title you prefer.. or maybe all of them!



THE DUMMYSAURS’ Books are available on Amazon! Search for “THE DUMMYSAURS” and select which title you prefer.. or maybe all of them!

MIFA 2022

MIFA 2022

Let’s meet in Annecy! We will be attending MIFA from June 15th to June 17th. To request a meeting please contact: account@damikids.com


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